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  • Duration
    16 Months
  • Location
  • Format
    Full Time
  • Commencement Date
    May 2022

Who Is This Course For?


Family Business



Marketing &
Sales Executives

Meet Your Instructor,
Captain Raghu Raman

Raghu began his career with the Indian Armed Forces where he was in operations in Punjab, Siachen Glacier and war torn Angola as a UN Peace Keeper.

He later joined the Mahindra Group, where he was the CEO of FirstChoice, MahindraSSG and Mahindra Defense Systems. He later served as a President at Reliance Industries.

Raghu was also handpicked to create and lead the National Intelligence Grid, an ambitious project set up by the Ministry of Home of the Indian Government to prevent 26/11 type attacks.

The Course
will also feature
guest lectures by:

Learn with a Vibrant Community,
Just like a College Campus

  • An Exclusive Tight-Knit Cohort

    Build deep and lasting relationships with the instructor and a diverse group of peers

  • Active Learning, Not Passive Watching

    You’ll engage in live events, debates, workshops, Q&As and WhatsApp groups rather than in lecture

  • Personalised Education

    Improve skills with peer feedback sessions and small break out groups with the Master

Hands-on Curriculum,
Designed for Real Results

  • 20-25 Hrs of Interactive Instruction

  • 5 Core
    Skill Topics

  • 2 Individual Speaking Projects

  • 5 live AMA & office hours

Evaluation Criteria

Class Participation - 30%

Individual Assignments - 20%

Group Projects - 50%

Session: 01
Leadership @ 26000 Feet

Why leadership is a trait that can be learnt, and not something that one needs to be born with! This session gives participants life altering tools and an attitude that they can start implementing from the very next day.

Session: 02
Leading in a RUPTered World

This session involves activities around how we could develop perspectives, maintain the morale of our teams and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

[RUPT* – an acronym coined by CDC, stands for Rapid, Uncertain, Paradoxical and Tangled]

Session: 03
The Art of Storytelling

How do military leaders lead their soldiers into deadly battles? By telling effective stories! In this session, we will practice frameworks that will help you craft powerful stories which resonate with the listeners and compel them into taking action.

Session: 04
Designing for Culture
This workshop teaches the first principles of design thinking, where students design a real assault rifle to learn a framework for understanding the needs, cultural nuances and perspectives of the end user of the ‘product’ or ‘service’.
Session: 05
Management Lessons from the Street

This workshop identifies crucial management skills that can be learnt from the ‘unorganised’ sector. Capt. Raghu distills the essence of leadership, talent nurturing, sales & marketing, logistics, change management using examples from our daily lives.

Session: 06
StreetWise - Frameworks of Business

How do coaches inspire their teams when they are down at halftime? This workshop introduces students to the principles that develop a structure for rebuilding the morale of their organization and come out fighting from the current or any other tough times.

Session: 07
Gift of Fear

The session is designed to decode the human response to uncertain and fearful situations. Learning how to leverage fear and use it as a motivating force, rather than a debilitating one, is a key skill every leader needs to master.

Session: 08
Executive Presence

Executive Presence – is the ability of a leader to exude a sense of command / leadership quotient, such that, he/she ‘stands’ out distinctly in a group of peers as a natural leader.

Session: 09
Deep Work

Deep work is the ability to focus intensely on a highly demanding cognitive task, so that the outcomes are at an elite level. This class will delve into deep work and provide a framework of how to create a ‘deep work’ environment in teams.

Session: 10
Understanding Indian Leadership

Why are Indians the way they are? Why are nuances such as hierarchy, consensus, deliberation etc. so important in the Indian context? Why do different parts of India need different management approaches.

What You Will Learn?

In times of uncertainty, when the truth seems to be ambiguous and
volatile, we all seek some form of assurance.

During this course, you will not only decode how to survive in a ruptured world but will also learn the essential traits of leading
in unprecedented circumstances:

  • Understand the risks and threats on the horizon and yet remain optimistic.

  • Prepare yourself for different eventualities in any unforeseen situation.

  • Identify the tips and tricks of maintaining the morale of your team while working remotely.

  • Equip your team for the challenges of the future using the tools & technology available at hand.

Hands-On Learning with
Real-Life Projects

Apply your learnings of fundamental Data Science & Analytics concepts by Download Curriculum
working on industry-immersive projects.

Predictive Analysis

  • Customer Churn

    Detect which customers are likely to cancel a subscription.

  • Loyalty Programmes

    Maximize the sum of customer lifetime values across the member base.

Data Visualization

  • Travel Booking

    Find the most suitable flights and accommodation options.

  • Car Sales

    Analyse the selling price of cars based on consumer demand.

Pattern Recognition

  • Facebook Likes

    Recommend products to users based on their recent activity.

  • Wine Tasting

    Determine wine quality to build a classification model.

Python, Machine Learning

  • Bonus and Remuneration

    Calculate the net bonus amount awarded to employees.

  • Portfolio Management

    Build a portfolio optimisation algorithm for traders.

Former Students Have Lots to Say…
    Prashasti Singh

    Ex Mckinsey, Clix Capital
    PGP TBM ‘21 & Ashoka YIF

    Shaswat Gupta

    Ex Orios Venture Partners
    PGP TBM ‘21

    Ashwin K Prasad

    Founder, UniRetail & Chief of Staff, OneCode
    PGP TBM ‘21

Certification by
Masters' Union

Complete the case studies and hands-on projects to receive an official certificate of course completion.

  • Stand Out

    Get your newly learned skills certified by a Master and add an extra edge to your CV.

  • Duly Verified

    The certificate is duly signed and attested by the Master and Masters’ Union respectively.

  • Get Credit

    This course is taught at the Masters’ Union School of Business, and counts as credit towards PGP-TBM.


MasterCamp Fee Details

Effective Leadership & Executive Presence

Starts at INR 8,889/month

No cost EMI options available. View Plans

Total Programme Fee:
INR 80,000 + GST

Live instruction from industry veteran

Vibrant community just like a college campus

Hands-on curriculum with real-life projects

Official certification in Effective Leadership & Executive Presence

The Course Fee is payable through Net Banking and Credit/Debit Cards.
With our Corporate Financial Partnerships, you can avail Education Loans at 0% Interest Rate*.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from the Effective Leadership & Executive Presence course?

The Executive Presence & Leadership is a certificate course that incorporates a hands-on curriculum designed for real results. During the 20 Hours of live instruction, you will learn with a vibrant community, just like a college campus, and work on projects & group activities, core skilling topics, live AMA & office hours, case study teardowns and TED-style talk to build a strong executive presence and leadership at the workplace.

What should I NOT expect from the Effective Leadership & Executive Presence course?

The Executive Presence & Leadership course does not follow a conventional pedagogical approach that is fully focused on theoretical knowledge and instead of passive lecture watching, you will learn with a vibrant community just like a college campus. It is not a degree course and you should not expect job placements upon completion.

What type of learning experience should I expect from the course?

From the Effective Leadership & Executive Presence course, you should expect a personalised learning experience. Not only will you be a part of an exclusive tight-knit community consisting of a diverse peer group, but also get opportunities to engage in live events, debates, Q&As and WhatsApp groups.

Is any certification granted upon course completion?

Yes. Upon completion of the workshops and leadership exercises, you will receive an official certificate of completion, signed by the marquee master to add an extra edge to your CV.

How will my doubts/questions be addressed in an online course?

As this is an online course, you will share a common forum with the batch where you will be able to get your queries addressed from the instructors or initiate a discussion with your peer group.

What is the minimum educational qualification required to take this course?

To apply for this course, you should hold 3 or 4 years of Bachelors or Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from a recognised institution.

What is the course fee for Effective Leadership & Executive Presence?

The fee for Executive Presence & Leadership course is INR 80,000 + GST. However, you can avail no-cost EMI options, starting at INR 8,889/month, through our banking partners.

Is there any deferral or refund policy for this course?

Currently, we are not providing an option to defer the admission offer. Those who cannot join the course during the current intake are advised to apply again for the next intake.