Competitions and

Union’s student engagement team organises various competitions and hackathons sponsored by companies.

  • Online Hackathons

    Online Hackathons

    Business Analytics & Data Mining Hackathon `20

    Online Hackathons

    Machine Learning Hackathon

  • Online Quiz Hosting

    Online Quiz Hosting

    Reliance Quiz-a-thon

    Online Quiz Hosting

    Indian Equity Markets Quiz

  • Business Simulation Games

    Business Simulation Games

    Rise of Industry

    Business Simulation Games

    Youtuber’s Life

    Business Simulation Games

    Capitalism Lab

    Business Simulation Games

    Transport Tycoon

  • Business Competitions

    Business Competitions

    Ola campus connect challenge

    Business Competitions

    Hero Campus Challenge

    Business Competitions

    Aditya Birla Group’s Stratos

    Business Competitions

    HUL L.I.M.E


Masters’ Union is a community of creative and accomplished people from around the world.

Business Clubs

Student led business clubs are responsible for organising business focussed networking and speaker events on campus, as well as career treks. Some of the current business clubs are:

  • Consulting Club

    Consulting Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Healthcare Club

    Healthcare Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Real estate Club

    Real estate Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Family Business Club

    Family-Run Business Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Edtech Club

    Edtech Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Private Equity Club

    Private Equity Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Investment Club

    Investment Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Fintech Club

    Fintech Club Tier 1 : President Name

Sports Clubs

Though Masters’ Union is based out of a corporate building, we do understand the importance of physical exercise and to provide sports infrastructure to its students, Union has partnered with various sports infra providers in the vicinity to provide easy access. Some of the current sports clubs are:

  • Basketball Club

    Basketball Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Football Club

    Football Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Badminton Club

    Badminton Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Cricket Club

    Cricket Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Golf Club

    Golf Club Tier 1 : President Name

Arts & Culture Clubs

Some of the current Arts and Culture clubs include:

  • Performing Arts Club

    Performing Arts Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Painting Club

    Fine Arts Club Tier 1 : President Name

  • Literary Society

    Literary Society Tier 1 : President Name

Psychological Counselling
for Self Development

Focus on personal growth and holistic development in a group and as an individual.


Students stay on as Union members with access to a coworking space, leadership lectures, daily dinners and other benefits.

Union with the help of various student clubs, organizes theme-based networking dinners to expose students to leaders and veterans from various walks of life.

As a student, you have access to any Master during their office hours. You can discuss ideas, evaluate proposals and get feedback on your tasks.

Each fellow is a verified business owner, intellectual or artist and is duty-bound to support each other throughout their lives.

Meet The

Adil Shah

Director- Student Experience

Mr. Adil Shah is a passionate academic administrator, filmmaker, and photographer. From the Young India Fellowship to ISDM and Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, he has rich experience working at the student interface of new-age innovative pedagogies. He comes highly skilled in communication, content creation, management, and educational administration. His film, Life on Wheels was recognised as the best film at Verite Film Festival. He holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication/ Media Studies from the University of Kashmir and brings his strong counselling skills as the Director of Student Experience at Masters’ Union.

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