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A Master is a distinguished authority or global expert in his/her area of occupation, and has made significant contributions to the domains of business or society.

If you are a leader from any professional domain or sector, a storyteller at heart, and have a deep passion to teach, mentor or support promising post-graduate business students through an experiential delivery of curriculum or by opening doors to professional opportunities, we are looking for you to inspire and prepare the students at Masters' Union for the future of work.

For all the information regarding the role of a Master at the Masters' Union, please refer to the FAQ given below.

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a Master FAQs

A Master is an individual who is or has been a distinguished authority or global expert in his/her area of occupation, and has made positive and significant contributions to the world of business and society. A Master is typically a top industry practitioner, an eminent businessman, a veteran public leader or politician, a renowned civil servant, a public institution head, a global technologist, a civil society changemaker, a member of the armed forces or a distinguished academic.

A Master imparts knowledge and learning to the students at Masters’ Union, drawing from their rich and diverse leadership experience, in order to prepare effective business professionals and entrepreneurs for the workplace of the future.

A Master engages with the students by either teaching a credit course(s), anchoring sector specific module(s) in their domain of expertise (as per the programme design) or providing year-long mentorship, guidance and career opportunities to the Masters’ Union students. In some cases, a Master may be engaged both as a teacher and a mentor.

At an institutional level, a Master may also choose to enter into strategic partnerships with the Masters' Union, in an individual capacity or through the company(ies)/organisation(s) they are associated with, in order to co-create a superior learning experience and open up opportunities for the students.

You can get involved with Masters’ Union in one or more of the following ways:

The CXO Shadow Program: As a CXO, one or two students get the unique opportunity to shadow you at your work environment, over a stretch of time, and observe what being an industry leader entails on a daily basis. The student(s) get to experience firsthand how the industry leadership makes critical business decisions and works towards realising the visions of their respective organizations.

Master Mentor: As a Master Mentor, you can stay engaged with a group(s) of students through a range of activities that enhance their educational experience, including but not limited to conducting masterclasses and storytelling sessions, sharing personal industry experience, providing professional guidance, knowledge, advice, career opportunities and resources to achieve specific goals underlying the student-mentor relationships at Masters’ Union.

Research Mentor at our Research Centers: As a Research Mentor at one of our state-of-the-art research centers, you mentor the young researchers and students of the Union to conduct cutting-edge research, while also identifying and crafting novel business applications using the research findings that emerge from them. Research Mentors also help students and researchers find solutions to real world business problems as they exist today, alongside suggesting creative ideas in the existing areas of management research. To know more about our Research Centers, kindly visit: (

Entrepreneur in Residence at the Startup School: As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at our incubator, uniquely designed to facilitate new ventures from ideation all the way to fundraising, you guide a group(s) of students to develop, launch or scale successful entrepreneurial ideas and businesses, and provide immediate access to practical, real-world experience and perspectives. This is typically done through student interactions, masterclasses, brainstorming sessions, hands-on workshops, facilitating industry connections, fundraising activities, and several other ways. The broad idea is to sharpen and promote the entrepreneurial ideas and skills of the Masters’ Union students.

To apply, please kindly visit: You can also write to us at and we will get in touch with you.

No, the role of a Master is not a full time commitment, and should not be considered full-time employment for any tax-related or legal purpose.

Each course/module at Masters’ Union typically runs anywhere between 5 to 20 hours over 6-week terms.

Classes can be scheduled as per your convenience during any of the terms, in accordance with the programme design and the academic calendar.

You can deliver certain sessions of your course/module via the virtual medium, but we encourage the Masters to engage with their students in-person as much as possible.

Yes. You can design your own course/module in consultation/coordination with the concerned team at Masters' Union, as per the programme needs and design.

Yes, you shall be provided a full-time or part-time postgraduate teaching/research assistant who will help you craft and deliver the course.

There is no such requirement. Your selection and engagement as a Master is done on a case by case basis and boils down to the depth of your experience and passion for teaching. Please visit the ‘Our Masters’ ( page to know more about the Masters who currently contribute to Masters’ Union.

No. There is no age barrier to become a Master.

Yes, you can keep your regular job while engaging as a Master. Your engagement with the Masters’ Union does not withhold you from engaging, directly or indirectly, in any other service or in any trade, business, vocation or occupation either honorary or on remuneration.

An honorarium will be given for your time as per Masters’ Union’s generous compensation policy.

All travel, stay and logistics required for the purpose of fulfillment of the role of a Master shall be arranged by or at the expense of Masters’ Union, as per its policy.

Yes! You can choose to teach or engage pro bono. The exact engagement and scheduling will be finalized as per the programme design and needs.

Yes! You can donate your earnings towards a charity.

You can expect a class size of upto 60 students.

In addition to the eternal satisfaction of being a teacher and mentor to the next generation of business professionals and entrepreneurs, it goes without saying that:

- Our well-resourced campus will be open to you for your own professional use, events, talks, seminars etc.
- You get a chance to interact, collaborate, and work with other Masters from diverse fields in the Masters’ Union family, all of whom are or have been stalwarts in their professional lives
- You as a Master can also enroll in classes and courses led by upto 2 other Masters during an academic year
- Any one member of your immediate family gets an opportunity to study with a significant scholarship at the Masters' Union

Of course! If you and the students have a fulfilling experience, we would love to have you continue to teach and engage with the future batches as well.

No, Masters’ Union is not affiliated to any university and does not require UGC approval. Masters’ Union is a completely independent education initiative run by its Founder Masters, and does not grant a degree or diploma, but a PGP-TBM certificate.

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