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Business Research Centers

Research Centers

One of the unique programme features of Masters' Union is its commitment to build a strong research foundation that leverages the opportunities offered by the new-age economy and also addresses its key challenges, especially in the area of digital and emerging technologies that are already disrupting most industries and reshaping various sectors.

The research findings from these state-of-the-art centers are utilised to:

Build new business models

Explore business opportunities in emerging technologies

Launch groundbreaking business innovations

Redefine the future of work

Furthermore, our resident Masters, representing various industry domains and diverse academic disciplines, will continue to be involved in original management research which will enrich the students' learning experience, as is the practice in most leading business schools across the world.

Research Centres

Masters’ Union houses India’s foremost research centres focussed on exploring the application of novel technologies to create new business opportunities and models.

Blockchain Business Research Centre

Blockchain Business
Research Centre

Extensive overview of the Oil and Gas industry supply-chain

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Centre for Applied
Machine Learning

Using new discoveries in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to anticipate business and process disruptions

Global Research in Bio Tech

Lab for Genetics & Bio-
Tech Businesses

Extending the global research in Bio-Tech to create fundamentally new businesses and product lines.

Business Model Platforms

Centre for

This research centre focusses on new business models emerging in the form of platforms like Uber, Airbnb etc.

Blockchain Business Research Center

Innovating new business models using blockchain technology to transform
traditional businesses.


Blockchain In Digital Supply Chain

Blockchain In

Center for Applied Machine Learning

Innovating new business models using blockchain technology to transform traditional businesses.

The Healthcare Industry

The Financial Services Industry

The Retail

The Automotive Industry

Government Agencies

Transportation Industries

Oil & Gas

Centre for Platforms Research

Centre for Platforms Research (CPR) is a network of industry and academic affiliates that discusses and debates issues pertaining to platform strategy, regulation and agent behaviour and interaction with platforms.

Operations, Events & Industry Outreach Division




Publications & Analysis Division

Independent Research


Policy And

Global Private Equity Research Center

Center focussed on research for private equity and venture capital firms.


Corporate Venture Capital

Family Offices And Private Equity


Turnaround And Distressed Investing

Lab for Genetics & Biotech Businesses

Most industries working with big data have recognized the value of Machine Learning technology. By collecting insights from this data, organizations are able to work more efficiently or gain an advantage over competitors.

Genetic Sequencing

Gene Editing

Gene Therapy

Computational Biology & Genetic Diagnostics