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Learn from Your
Future Recruiters, Directly

  • Take courses with top CXOs, MDs and instructors from HBS, McKinsey etc.

  • Learn tech and other core skills from highly-rated Professors-in-Residence.

  • Get 1-1 mentorship and shadow Masters in your domain.

Meet Your Masters
Capt. Raghu Raman

Former President, Reliance Industries

Executive Presence & Leadership

Abhishek Kumar

Director, OLA Electric

Mapping the Future of Energy Sector

Jishnu Changkakoti

Former Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Pricing Strategies

Tathagata Dasgupta

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

New Age Supply Chains

Biju Dominic

Chief Evangelist, Fractal Analytics

Behavioural Economics

Sidharth Balakrishna

Former Chief Strategy Officer, Essel (Zee) Group

Technology Tools for Managers

Satish Krishnan

Former MD, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered

How Financial Markets Work

Rajat Mathur

MD, Morgan Stanley

People Management and Decisions

Highly Individualized Curriculum

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The PGP TBM is an extremely flexible programme that can be highly customized to meet the needs
of each student’s career aspirations.

Management and Strategy
Course Name Professor Credit (Hours)
Finance and Fin Tech
Marketing, Branding and Design
Computing, Bussiness Analytics and Statistics

Highly Individualized Curriculum

The PGP TBM is an extremely flexible programme that can be highly customized to meet the needs of each student’s career aspirations.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Product Management

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

Finance & Fintech

Advanced Data Science

SaaS & Cloud Businesses

UX & Design Thinking

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Learn by Doing, Not by
Sitting in Lectures

  • Learn Capital Markets by investting through the 5 Cr. Student-Run Investment Fund. Learn more

  • Build your own tech venture & product management portfolio through a guided Venture Initiation Programme

  • Consult pro bono with local businesses and help them optimize metrics

  • Experience industry through a 3 month internship, CXOs shadow program or research fellowship

Learn by Doing, Not by Sitting in Lectures

The PGP TBM is an extremely flexible programme that can be highly customized to meet the needs
of each student’s career aspirations.

Venture Initiation Programme

Build and run a real tech startup and compete with peers on revenue, users & paying customers. 10% of Cohort ‘21 went on to work full-time on their startups. 3 Startups from Cohort ’21 raised angel rounds

Resources available include :

Startup School Workshops

Access to Vetted Agencies

Seed & Bridge Funding

Demo Day with VCs

3 Startups from Cohort of '21 raised angel rounds

Student-Run Investment Fund

The Masters’ Union Investment Fund is a fully student-run fund with Assets Under Management worth Rs. 5 Cr.

Investment classes include:

Venture Capital

Crypto & Blockchain

Public and Private Equities

Fund of Funds

Investments from our Founding MUIF Squad:

  • 20+ Public Equities

  • 3+ Mutual Funds

  • 2 Startups

CXOs Shadow Programme

Each student is carefully paired with a practising Master for shadowing, mentorship and coaching.

Dedicated 1-1 Mentorship

Individualised Career Coaching

Shadow CXOs @Work

Build Lifelong Relationships

Startup Weekend

The second weekend of every term, you compete in ‘Startup Weekend’, where you build product prototypes & working businesses in under 48 hours!

Startup Weekend themes include:





Industry Immersion Programme

For 4 months, students immerse themselves in an industry/company of choice through structured programs like:

Corporate Internships

Startup Apprenticeships

Data & PM Fellowships

Extended CXOs Shadow

Local Consulting Challenge

Understand how real businesses work by helping local businesses improve their top and bottom lines, just like how you would at a Bain or McKinsey.

Get Real Consulting Experience

Practice Consulting Frameworks

Make Your CV Stand Out

Influencer Challenge

Get ahead in the creator economy by competing for social capital & followers on a platform of your choice.

Live the Influencer Economy

Build New Networking Channel

Create New Income Stream

Learn by Doing,
Not by Sitting in Lectures

Research Centres

Masters’ Union houses India’s foremost research centres focussed on exploring the application of
novel technologies to create new business opportunities and models.

Blockchain Business
Research Centre

Extensive overview of the Oil and Gas industry supply-chain

Centre for Applied
Machine Learning

Using new discoveries in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to anticipate business and process disruptions

Lab for Genetics & Bio-
Tech Businesses

Extending the global research in Bio-Tech to create fundamentally new businesses and product lines.

Centre for

This research centre focusses on new business models emerging in the form of platforms like Uber, Airbnb etc.

Hear straight from Cohort 1
Prashasti Singh

Ex Mckinsey, Clix Capital
PGP TBM ‘21 & Ashoka YIF

Shaswat Gupta

Ex Orios Venture Partners

Ashwin K Prasad

Founder, UniRetail & Chief of Staff, OneCode

Puja Arti

Founder & Brand Strategic, Earth Monkeys

Tony Sebastian

Chief of Staff, Jodopay

Sameer Batra

ROI - Capacity and Productivity, Better

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Urban Campus

Situated in CyberPark, Gurugram, flanked by over 600 MNCs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day of a Masters' Union student?

How will I be graded at Masters' Union?

The final grades for most courses will be determined by a mix of class participation, quizzes, simulations, group assignments, projects and exams. Masters' Union grades the exams on a Standard Normal Curve, also called a Z-Curve, with a mean of 3.0. There are no forced-to-fails. To graduate, participants must maintain a mean grade of 2.1 in both the core and electives courses.

What are the benefits of the one-year format?

The PGP TBM at Masters’ Union, with its unique 16-month format, encapsulates the best global practices in management education through an accelerated pedagogical approach. Designed to be a fast-paced academic experience, it includes 12 Months of rigorous academic training in core areas and industry concentrations with a three-month period of internship and industry immersion, with opportunities to network and seek mentorship. Being in this state of constant engagement gives an opportunity for you to learn how to set priorities and make choices about learning, socialising and personal time from the very beginning of the programme, making you an expert at decision-making, which is one of the most valued qualities in a business leader.

Can I tailor my Masters' Union PGP TBM?

Masters' Union offers more than 87 electives, giving you the chance to construct a tailor-made Post Graduate Programme that fits your personal and career goals. We have new-age, core and industry concentrations. You are free to pursue a generalist path towards management or specialise in particular areas by choosing industry concentrations. However, regardless of the path you decide to take during your elective terms, everybody graduates with the same PGP TBM certificate with an opportunity to choose industry concentrations.

Will Masters' Union disclose my grades?

No. Masters' Union adheres to a strict non-disclosure policy. Your grades will never be shared with recruiters, classmates, or anyone outside of the Union's community. During on-campus interviews, recruiters are not permitted to ask about your grades, and you are not permitted to volunteer them either. This policy allows you the freedom to challenge yourself and enhance the breadth of your knowledge by picking electives in unfamiliar subject areas without worrying about the grades impacting your job prospects.