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India’s First Programme with Individualised Coaching at its Core

After a personality test and a 360-degree feedback from your current/former managers, we define your goals, strengths
and weaknesses. Three Executive coaches then craft individualised 1-1 coaching plans.

Executive Presence & Communication Coach

  • Build powerful leadership communication skills

  • Find your unique executive presence

  • Learn how to lead with authority at the workplace

Rajnish Virmani
Ex President, COO at Reliance

Coaching Experience : 10+ years

Mamta Wasan
Director & CEO, Mekosha

Coaching Experience : 3+ years

Personal Branding Coach

  • Articulate your core values & personality

  • Create an authentic & approachable voice

  • Build an iconic personal brand on social media

Sandeep Bidani
Ex Executive Director-HR at IBM

Coaching Experience : 10+ years

Andrea Stone
Ex CMO at Mahindra Comviva

Coaching Experience : 10+ years

Career and Domain Mentor

  • Identify gaps in line with your organisation’s strategic priorities

  • Learn strategies as to how you can overcome them

  • Drive long-term impact at your workplace

Santosh Sharan
Ex Director HR at SC Johnson

Coaching Experience : 5+ years

Sandeep Suri
Former Country Head - Fidelity
Investments, Ireland

Coaching Experience : 3+ years

Global Immersion at Universities like
Columbia, INSEAD & Leading Companies

Pepsico Competition

Master the Arts & Skills that You Need in Your Career Today

Our accelerated 12-month PGP Rise is divided into 5 terms and covers 5 themes with a focus on
leadership and cultivating a holistic and entrepreneurial mindset.


The Arts of Communication

This term seeks to strengthen your verbal and non-verbal communication, so as to make you more coherent & cogent. You will be preparing & giving speeches, arguing in mock TV debates, doing panel talks, and also building your Zoom skills - so that your communication has an impact wherever you go.


Speech Giving

Motivating Teams

Visual and Aural perception

Shining on Zoom

Elevator Pitching

Writing for audiences of various demographics

Mihir Mankad
Professor of Practice, Harvard University and Tufts University

Teaching : The Arts of Communication

Abhishek Srivastava
Former Head, Enterprise Strategy and Business Planning, Apple

Teaching : Making Stellar Presentations that Stand Out

Gavin Remedios
Design Leader, India-South Asia, IBM Consulting

Teaching : Gamification and Behavioral Design


Leveraging Analytics to Take Better Decisions

As a CXO leader in 2022, you are expected to drive your decision making through data. In this term, you will learn the intricacies of data-to-decision through various analytical tools and simulations.


Stats for Leaders

Reporting through BI

Data based Storytelling


Data Visualisation for Boardrooms


Tathagata Dasgupta
Chief Data Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

Teaching : New Age Supply Chains

Raghavshyam Ramamurthy
Visiting Faculty, Syracuse University

Teaching : Marketing and Retail Analytics


Leading People and Teams

How to build and lead high performance teams like Cricket captains and Battalion commanders? Through real simulations, collaborative projects and experiential activities, you will learn how to foster people effectiveness, employee well-being and create an environment where high performance teams can thrive


Building Agile and Resilient Organisations

Game theory for business

Compensation structure

Strategy and competitive advantage

Running successful meetings

Artificial Intelligence for people management

Dr. Edward Rogers
Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

Teaching : The Art of Managing Complexities

Rajat Mathur
MD, Morgan Stanley

Teaching : People Management & Decisions

Vinay Trivedi
Global HR Head, Terra Pay

Teaching : People & Talent Strategy


Finance, Fintech and Wealth Creation

As a CXO leader, you must have a firm grasp on not only budgeting, reporting, corporate finance, & valuations, but also on new possibilities in Fintech and strategies on how to build your own personal wealth through investing strategically.



Behavioural & personal finance

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Mergers & Acquisitions

Angel Investing

Fintech Business Models in Legacy Organisations

Satish Krishnan
Former MD, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered

Teaching : How do financial markets work

Atul Mehta
SVP, Razorpay

Teaching : Technology & Finance

Alok Saraogi
Former Country Manager, Amazon India

Teaching : Building E-commerce Businesses


Digital Marketing, Branding & Design

As a P&L leader or as a CXO, you will invariably have to market products or work with teams that market products. This term will help you grasp modern marketing strategies and principles that directly lead to higher revenue


Influencer Marketing

New Product Development

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking for Leaders

UX & Design Thinking

Branding Products, Teams & Companies

Digital Transformation Strategy

Malavika Harita
Ex CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Teaching : Integrated Marketing Communications

Jishnu Changkakoti
Former Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Teaching : Competition and Pricing Dynamics in Practice

Elkana Ezekiel
Former CMO, Samsung Electronics

Teaching : Building Marketing Strategies

Master the Arts & Skills that You Need in Your Career Today

Our accelerated 12-month PGP Rise is divided into 5 terms with a focus on leadership and cultivating a holistic and entrepreneurial mindset.

Meet Your Masters

PGP Master Mihir
Mihir Mankad

Professor of Practice, Tufts & Harvard

The Arts of Communication

PGP Master Edward Rogers
Edward Rogers

Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

The Art of Managing Complexities

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Abhishek Srivastava

Former Head, Enterprise Strategy and Business Planning, Apple

Making Stellar Presentations that stand out

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Siddharth Menon

Former CMO, Epigamia

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Mukesh Ghuraiya

CMO, Modi Naturals

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Nitin Gaur

Global Head of Technology Design, State Street Ex-Director, IBM

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Kevyn Eva Norton

Product Lead, Easy Bites App

PGP Master Abhishek Srivastava
Manish Vashisht

Head India Studios, IBM

PGP Master Tathagata Dasgupta
Tathagata Dasgupta

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

New Age Supply Chains

PGP Master Gavin Remedios
Gavin Remedios

Design Leader, India-South Asia, IBM Consulting

Gamification and Behavioral Design

PGP Master Raghavshyam Ramamurthy
Raghavshyam Ramamurthy

Visiting Faculty, Syracuse University

Marketing and Retail Analytics

PGP Master Raj Mathur
Rajat Mathur

MD, Morgan Stanley

People Management & Decisions

PGP Master Vinay Trivedi
Vinay Trivedi

Global HR Head, Terra Pay

People & Talent Strategy

PGP Master Satish Krishnan
Satish Krishnan

Former MD, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered

How do financial markets work

PGP Master Atul Mehta
Atul Mehta

SVP, Razorpay

Technology & Finance

PGP Master Alok Saraogi
Alok Saraogi

Former Country Manager, Amazon India

Building E-commerce Businesses

PGP Master Malavika Harita
Malavika Harita

Ex CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Integrated Marketing Communications

PGP Master Jishnu Changkakoti
Jishnu Changkakoti

Former Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Competition and Pricing Dynamics in Practice

PGP Master Elkana Ezekiel
Elkana Ezekiel

Former CMO, Samsung Electronics

Building Marketing Strategies

PGP Master Mihir
Khanjan Desai


Alma Mater:
Technical Product Manager-Booking.com Ex Paypal || Ex Razorpay

PGP Master Mihir
Malthi SS


Alma Mater:
Consultant CPO at HerKey Ex Paypal, Intuit, SAP

PGP Master Mihir
Dr. Bhupesh Manoharan


Alma Mater:
IIM Calcutta

PGP Master Mihir
Dr. Subhasis Mishra


Alma Mater:
IIM Calcutta

PGP Master Mihir
Subhonil Ghoshal


Alma Mater:
MD at Accenture Ex Director- General Mills Ex VP- Genpact

PGP Master Mihir
Dr. Garima Chaklader


Alma Mater:
IIM Bangalore

PGP Master Mihir
Dr. Aarti Sharma


Alma Mater:
School of Management & Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University

PGP Master Mihir
Dr. Rinku Mahindru


Alma Mater:
Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

Unique Hands-on Modules to Get Your Hands Dirty

These experiential learning modules will help develop your personal toolkit in solving complex problems and working collaboratively while building domain knowledge.

Go Beyond Borders

Carefully Crafted experiences designed to help you widen your perspective and gain insights into the International Business Landscape.

Academic Immersion: Programmes in collaboration with Prestigious Universities with Modules like Leadership, Innovation & Business Strategy

Business Immersion: Gain firsthand insights into the global business practices of companies like Uber, AWS, and IKEA.

Cultural Learning: Experience a blend of different cultures with tours to Amsterdam, Paris & Italy

VIP Demo Day

Develop and deploy an early-stage startup you work on throughout the programme and present it to the jury on Demo Day. 10% of the students from 1st Cohort of PGP TBM went on to work full-time on their startups, with 3 of them raising angel investments.

Venture Initiation Programme

Dropshipping Challenge

Run a real ecommerce business and make real revenue within your groups. At Masters' Union, we aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the creation of sustainable ventures

Learn all the moving parts of the P&L

Get hands-on practice of leading departments/verticals

Acquire experience in customer acquisition & marketing strategies

Dropshipping Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend

Bridge gaps, share ideas & develop your best prototypes with your peers in under 48 hours.

Themes of Startup Weekend include:

Dropshipping Startup Weekend

Creator Challenge

Learn the trade of the Creator Economy and become a savvy marketing leader of the future by running your own channel on Youtube or build a presence on Instagram.

Get an insight into Influencer Economy

Build your own Networking Channel

Create a new Income Stream

Creater Challenge

Lifelong Forum Membership

Enjoy the perks of being associated with Masters’ Union lifelong with limitless access to:

MasterCamp programmes across domains like Marketing, Creatorpreneur, UX Design & more

A digital library packed with a treasure trove of knowledge in MU Vault through books & resources

Networking opportunities with exclusive access to Masters’ Union events & workshops

Lifelong Forum Membership

Teaching Plan

Teaching Plan

Core Concentrations
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Management & Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Finance
  • Tech & Product
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India’s first programme combining Business and Academic Immersion.

Embark on a Transformative Journey to Top B-Schools and businesses around the world. The Immersions’ diverse learning environment helps you hone your skills and prepares you for the complexities of the global business world.

MU Global Immersion Programme

Global Immersion

Embark on a transformative Journey to Top B-Schools and businesses around the world.

Broaden your perspectives and gain deep insights into Global Business Practices.

Get a first-hand look at the innovative approaches of Uber, AWS & IKEA

Gain a competitive edge with Hands-on Programmes in collaboration with world-class institutions.

Leadership Retreat by the beach

Consider it an Academic vacation, where leadership coaches will take you through an exciting journey of discovering the true leader in you in a relaxed environment

Leadership Retreat in Beach
MU Transformative Immersions

On-Campus Residencies

This in-person time will give you the space to engage with your cohort in real time and effectively collaborate on various experiential modules

PGP -TBM Employment statistics

Segmented for Senior Professionals Only (5+ Yrs. of Work Ex | Cohort 2021, 2022 & 2023)

Hear from our Students

Program Calendar

Terms Teaching Theme Immersions Experiential Interventions Coaching Focus

Term 1

(Jan 26th - Mar 31st)

The Arts of Communication

Campus Residency Week

(Jan 26th -Jan 30th)
Lifelong Forum Membership Personal Development Plan

Term 2

(Apr 1st - June 23rd)

Leveraging Analytics to take Better Decisions

Silicon Valley Tech Trek

(Apr 1st - Apr 9th)
P&L Development Program Executive Presence

Term 3

(Jun 24th - Sep 8th)

Leading People & Teams

Campus Residency Week

(Aug 12th - Aug 16th)
Blockchain Venture Program Management Communication

Term 4

(Sep 9th - Nov 17th)

Finance, Technology & Wealth Creation

Campus Residency Week

(Aug 12th - Aug 16th)
Investment Fund Management Career & Domain Mentorship

Term 5

(Nov 18th - Jan 28th)

Digital Marketing, Design & Branding

Leadership Retreat by the Sea

(Jan 25th - Jan 28th)
YouTube Influencer Challenge Personal Branding

Your Career Journey

PGP Rise candidates at Masters’ Union hail from diverse professional backgrounds and hence, the role played by the Career Services office may vary from one individual to another. Our Career Services Team based out of Gurugram campus will offer individualised career support and be responsible for organising L&D interventions at relevant intervals, throughout the year by leveraging requisite resources, skill building workshops and mentorship.

MU Career Journey


You may be looking to progress your career by switching your domain/organisation

Part of the fastest growing professional network in the country

Curated placement drives for your niche

Industry & domain-specific Workshops


You’re looking for growth and larger responsibilities within the same organisation

Career Management Advice and Strategization

Learning & Development Interventions

Skill Building & Personal Branding workshops


You’re thinking about exploring your own venture during or after the completion of the PGP Rise. 10% of PGP TBM Cohort'21 went on to work full-time on their startups

Harness your entrepreneurial spirit in a pioneering environment

Access to seed & bridge funding opportunities

VCs and Entrepreneurs

MU Career Journey


Mentor Allocation

  • 1:1 Mentor Allocation
  • Personalised Coaching Plans

Personal Branding Workshops

  • Strategic LinkedIn Profiling
  • Building an Online Presence

Industry Engagement Sessions

  • Attend CXO Sessions
  • Build a solid network

Seminars and Workshops

  • Salary Negotiations Workshops
  • Domain-Specific Seminars
Our Recruiters

Bain & Company
















Career Advisory Team

Mahak Garg

MBA, Stanford | Forbes 30U30

Pratham Mittal

Founder, Masters’ Union | Forbes 30U30

Swati Ganeti

MBA, Wharton | IIT Delhi

Ankur Sethi

Chief Evangelist, Quest Top 10 | Founder & CEO, Corporate Shiksha

Richa Mehrotra

Ex-McKinsey | Ex-Bain

Is this Programme right for me?

Talk to Masters’ Union Admissions’ Team to understand if you are a good fit for this Programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PGP Rise an equivalent to other Executive MBA Programmes offered in the country?

What happens when we are not in the residency?

Your studies will continue on the weekend in a hybrid model where you can choose to attend in-person classes at our Gurgaon campus or join in virtually.

What will be the batch size of the class?

We will limit the batch size to an upper cap of 60 students to maximise individual attention from masters and an impactful teacher-student ratio.

What are the core emphasis areas of the Masters’ Union PGP Rise curriculum?

Our curriculum places a heightened focus on strategy, leadership & entrepreneurial mindset along with personalised leadership development.
Parallel to core courses and industry electives, there is an individualised coaching track that runs throughout the course, as a part of which 3 coaches are aligned to each student for 1:1 sessions that focus on their:

How will I be graded for the course?

All participants will be graded through a combination of quizzes, exams, group assignments, class engagement, projects, simulations, reflections, etc. The faculty will decide the specific grading matrix for each course.

Can I tailor my learning journey at PGP Rise?

We offer 16 electives, empowering you to take charge of your time and construct a relevant programme that is aligned to your interest and career goals. We have new-age, core and industry concentrations so you can choose to pursue a generalist path towards management or specialise in particular areas by choosing industry concentrations. However, regardless of the path you decide to take during your elective terms, everybody graduates with the same PGP Rise certificate with an opportunity to choose industry concentrations.

Is the fees refunded in case if I decide to drop out of the programme?

Fees once submitted is not eligible for refunds.

Masters’ Union reserves the right to amend this Refund Policy at any time without prior notice.

How many days of leave will I require to participate in the immersive weeks?

You will require a maximum of 10 days of leave throughout the year to participate in the campus immersion weeks, tech-trek and leadership retreat.

What is included in the cost of the programme?

The programme fee for the PGP Rise by Masters’ Union will cover:

How much time should we set aside for coursework on the weekdays?

We will try to keep any additional coursework on weekdays to a bare minimum. However, time taken to prepare for classes can vary according to the subject and your expertise on the same. On average you can expect to spend 5-10 hours a week on weekdays. There will be additional material provided to you in the form of written content, videos or podcasts that you can choose to engage with as per your convenience.

Is the PGP Rise model as valuable as a full-time residential PGP?

While the program design differs that of a full-time PGP, the curriculum and structure is equivalent to that of any recognised executive MBA globally. The structure is designed to be flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals and the content is tailored for those with considerable work experience.

What are the benefits of the 1-year format?

The PGP Rise by Masters’ Union, with its unique 12-month weekend format envelops best-in-class practices in global executive management education through an accelerated pedagogical approach. Designed to offer you flexibility as a working professional so you don’t have to leave your job to pursue the course, the 5 terms will cover rigorous academic training in core areas and you can choose to go deeper in the industry of your choice through industry electives and find stellar opportunities to network with like-minded individuals through the residency weeks, a tech-trek and leadership retreat. The dynamic format of the program will give you an accelerated learning course in the skills of time management and prioritisation and thus equip you with stellar decision making facilities, which is one of the most valued qualities of a business leader in today’s times.

Can I continue to work full-time while pursuing the program?

Yes, you can continue your full-time job as you pursue PGP Rise by Masters’ Union.

In the News

Exec MBA v/s MBA - What’s the difference?

If you’ve started out your higher education research and are considering whether to pursue an MBA or not, you will come across various program formats to choose from. At Masters’ Union, there are two different MBA formats - the Full-time residential PGP in Technology & Business Management and the Part-time weekend PGP Rise in Technology & Business Management Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.

The salient differences between the two programs involve the student profiles, format of the program and timing. Executive MBA students are typically further along in their career and want to strengthen their knowledge and skills to an executive level while continuing their jobs.

An MBA is designed for graduates with an average of 4 years of work experience and provides a more general overview of business with an option to major in a specific concentration whereas executive MBA tends to be much more targeted and relevant to experienced working professionals. While both of the programs cater to different student profiles, they uphold lofty admission standards and follow rigorous academic curricula.