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Who are we looking for?

You’ll be an ideal PGP Rise candidate at Masters’ Union if you -

  • Exhibit strong leadership potential

    One of the most important factors we look for in candidates is demonstrable leadership exhibited throughout their academic and professional experience. We pay emphasis on individuals who have displayed and delivered on being visionary, curious, analytical and good people managers and how they navigated through challenges in their professional careers. Examples of what students showcase includes new business ventures, executing a high visibility project at work, or leading a voluntary project - anything that reaffirms your ability to inspire and lead teams.

  • Potential to contribute to the learning experience and overall cohort experience

    One of the most important factors we look for in candidates is demonstrable leadership exhibited throughout their academic and professional experience. We pay emphasis on individuals who have displayed and delivered on being visionary, curious, analytical and good people managers and how they navigated through challenges in their professional careers. Examples of what students showcase includes new business ventures, executing a high visibility project at work, or leading a voluntary project - anything that reaffirms your ability to inspire and lead teams.

  • You are curious and open to being coached

    If you resort to Google for unanswered dilemmas about everything in the world from the future of NFTs or if the Mandela effect is real, you will enjoy acquiring new knowledge from classrooms, your coaches and experiential interventions.

  • Ability to juggle a rigorous academic program with a full-time job, and your personal life

    Strong time management and multitasking skills will go a long way in aiding you in your pursuit of graduating from the Masters’ Union PGP Rise. Given the dynamic nature of the institution and the program, you can expect multiple things happening at the same time, something which will have to be attended to, besides your full time job and personal commitments.

  • A strong sense of Career direction

    The admissions office at Masters’ Union will analyse your application and understand the intent of you applying for the Masters’ Union PGP Rise and how it will help you inch closer to long term professional and personal goals. Whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, across the lattice or building whole new foundations; we’re keen on understanding the value our program can provide to you and more importantly, how you will use this platform.

  • You have the support of your organisation

    While we recommend approaching your organisation for financial support,, a non-negotiable would be the approval of your current organisation’s leadership to approve of the commitment that an Executive PGP program requires.

Admission Process

Step 1
You will need to fill out and submit your online application to be considered for the Masters’ Union PGP Rise, which include:

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    Personal Details

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    Professional Details

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    Latest Resume Download Sample

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    The Essay Section:

    • As part of the application, you will receive a prompt within which you can choose to submit a video essay (2 minutes in length) or a text-based essay (200 words).
Step 2
Step 3

Dates & Deadlines

Rounds Deadline Interviews Application Fee

Round 1 apply now

10th October

October 2023

INR 2000/-

Round 2





Pgp Application Policy
  • Feedback Policy

    Due to a large number of applications, and the confidentiality of the deliberations of the Admissions Committee, we would be unable to provide detailed individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.

  • Application Submission Policy

    If the applicant misses all three rounds of a particular intake, the application form and its entire contents will expire. At this point, the applicant will be required to complete a new application from scratch, for the next intake.
    An application will only be evaluated once it is complete. If it is completed after the deadline, it will be reviewed for the next round or (in the case of last round applicants) the following intake.


PGP Rise Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Tuition Fee Life-long Union Membership Fee Total Fee Payable
Main Fee INR 70000 INR 1790000 INR 110000 INR 1970000
GST 18% INR 12600 INR 322200 INR 19800 INR 354600
Total INR 82600 INR 2112200 INR 129800 INR 2324600

Is this Programme right for me?

Talk to Masters’ Union Admissions Team to understand if you are a good fit for this Programme.

Got it

Our team will reach out to you shortly.


We, at Masters’ Union, believe that financial constraints should not pose any hindrance to someone’s academic aspirations. With an objective to maximise diverse and effective peer-learning from a cohort of accomplished individuals, we’re offering up to 50% of tuition fee as scholarships for applicants with exceptional profiles that fall in one of the following categories.

Pgp Admission Scholarships
1. Merit-Based Scholarships

Masters' Union is keen to identify and extend financial support to candidates with exceptional academic records and professional accomplishments. Our merit-based scholarships are need-blind and offer partial waivers of the tuition fee, as decided by the selection panel.

2. Need-Based Scholarships

We also offer scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need who can't pay the full price of college tuition and who require financial aid to attend school. This type of scholarship will require you to submit income proofs and any other documentation as deemed necessary by the selection panel.

3. Scholarships for Women

Masters' Union will extend a scholarship to exceptional women leaders and professionals with impressive academic and/or professional track record, along with the drive and potential to emerge as an industry leader. Special focus on those looking to upskill and rejoin the workforce after a professional break.

4. Diversity Scholarships

This scholarship aims at the inclusion of exceptional candidates from marginalised and underserved communities from the Indian subcontinent, such as the Northeast, Ladakh, Bhutan, and the tribal belts of the Indian hinterland.

5. Scholarships for Entrepreneurs

This scholarship funds candidates who have had entrepreneurial experience for over a year, with varying levels of success, and wish to gain more skills and academic perspectives to carry on with their line of work. Candidates must submit a 250-400 word essay describing their entrepreneurial journey which will be used to evaluate their candidature.

6. India-Bound Scholarships

This scholarship is directed at Indian-origin candidates (i.e. PIO card-holders) who wish to engage with the Indian corporate sector, as well as Indian professionals, currently based abroad, who wish to return to India in pursuit of a world-class education, that may help catapult their careers to newer heights

7. Change Agent Scholarships

This scholarship aims to identify community minded and socially responsible individuals who have displayed an exceptional sense of service to society through a cause of their choice. The candidate must submit a 250-400 word essay detailing the volunteer/social impact work done by them along with the quantifiable outcomes achieved.

All scholarships offered have a defined eligibility criteria and candidates will be assessed through the scholarship criterion and essays. All final decisions will be taken by the Admissions Committee and stand unchanged.


The following financial institutions can provide loans for up to 95% of the programme fees to the admitted students.



95% of the Total Course Fees

Interest Rate

Starting at 11.5% pa


Up to 14 years


Course Period + Maximum of Optional 6 Months


Max Life Insurance

Processing Fee

Applicable as per Axis Bank Norms

  • Mr. Ankit Jain
  • ankit.jain2@axisbank.com
  • 9654611713
  • Loan Contract Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to write a GMAT, GRE or CAT to enroll in this programme?

No, this programme doesn’t require GMAT, GRE or CAT scores.

How many years of experience do I need to be admitted?

Candidates need a minimum of 5 years of experience to apply for the programme. In case any applicant has lesser work experience, feel free to reach out to the Admissions Team who will evaluate your profile and advise you accordingly.

What is the typical student's profile at Masters' Union?

We have a diverse student body in terms of geographical, educational and professional backgrounds. We don’t have any ‘typical’ student profile.

What's the minimum qualifying GPA?

Can I defer admission?

In the large majority of cases, no. You should apply for the intake in which you intend to enrol. In truly exceptional circumstances, the Admissions Committee may grant a deferral. All requests should be made in writing and will be reviewed on a case -to- case basis.

Are any of the rounds more or less competitive than others?

Each round is equally competitive. The acceptance ratio is the same for all rounds. Most importantly, you should dedicate enough time and thought to your application so that it accurately represents your strengths and talents.

However, if scholarships are a priority, we encourage you to apply in Round 1.

What is your hostel fee refund policy?

If there is a reduction in your hostel occupancy period (by more than a month) due to late commencement of the programme, a refund will be made on a pro rata basis at the end of the programme. However, refunds will not be applicable if net occupancy periods are the same due to restructuring timelines.

No refund shall be made if you choose to spend your industry interface module outside Gurugram, since the hostel charges correspond to your holding the property for a continued period of 16 months. A pro rata refund can be made only for the laundry and catering charges (in case it has been paid for upfront) if you choose to pursue your industry interface module outside Gurugram.

No refund shall be made in case a student is made to evacuate the hostel on disciplinary grounds.

Can I defer my admission offer from Masters' Union to the next year?

Currently, we are not offering the option to defer the admission offer. Those who cannot join the programme in the current year are advised to apply again for the next year.

What is Masters’ Union’s Refund Policy?

The following refund policy will be applicable to the programme fee:

The admission fee, also referred to as the token fee, is non-refundable.

Pre-commencement - In case a student has to withdraw from the programme before the commencement, for either academic, personal, or administrative reasons, only 50% of the tuition and hostel fee will be refunded. 100% of the lifelong union membership fee in addition to food and laundry fee will be refunded.

Post commencement - In case a student has to withdraw from the programme, for either academic, personal, or administrative reasons, only 50% of the tuition and accommodation fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, along with 100% of the lifelong union membership fee.

A pro-rata refund will be proportional to the number of terms spent by the student at the programme before opting to drop out. To illustrate, if the tuition fee amount payable for a candidate out of our 5-terms PGP Rise were 8 Lakh, and a student chose to drop out in the 4th term, they will be eligible for a refund of INR 50K. The food and laundry will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

No refund shall be made in case a student is expelled from the programme on disciplinary grounds.

Can I get my profile evaluated?

Feel free to connect with the admissions team and our counsellors to discuss your fitment with the programme. You are welcome to send your CV to pgpriseadmissions@mastersunion.org and initiate conversation with our counsellors for the same.

I’ve just completed/will be completing my undergraduate studies. Is Masters’ Union a right fit for me?

Work experience is not a mandatory requirement for admission. If you feel you have demonstrable leadership potential along with meritorious academic accomplishments, we encourage you to apply to Masters’ Union! Freshers from our founding cohort have had unparalleled career trajectories with our average package for freshers at INR 23.20 Lakhs.

Are all candidates interviewed?

Post the application process, the shortlisted candidates are invited to an online interview with our admissions panel.

Is there an age limit for entry?

There is no age limit for entry. However, the programme is more suitable for candidates with experience of at least 5 years. If you have less work experience, we encourage you to get in touch with the Admissions Team who will evaluate your profile and advise you accordingly.

I have very little (or no) work experience. How will that impact my placement prospects at Masters' Union?

As a candidate with less than 2 years of experience, you will not be competing for jobs with more senior peers. Companies offer jobs relevant to different experience bands (0-2 years, 3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years, etc). Organisation would focus more on your skill set as compared to your past experience.

However, for freshers from our founding cohort, we witnessed an average salary of INR 23.20 Lakhs, with placement in prestigious companies.

I don't have a business background. Will this impact my chances for admission?

We value diversity at every level and welcome applications from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, including the arts, law, medicine, military, non-profit, etc. As with all candidates, we will be looking for demonstrable leadership potential, and will consider this in conjunction with your professional experience and past performance, when assessing your application.

I don't have an undergraduate degree. Can I still be considered for admission?

Yes! While the vast majority of our participants have undergraduate and/or advanced degrees, this is not compulsory for admission. Candidates who do not hold an undergraduate degree, but who have an excellent career record, examination scores and leadership potential are also welcome to apply.

If my application has been unsuccessful, may I reapply in the next round?

No, you cannot reapply in the next round. Unsuccessful applicants can reapply for the next intake, next year. Re-applicants are requested to submit a new online application unless otherwise indicated.

Please exercise your own judgement in deciding if you have made any significant changes in your new profile since your first application, that would make a significant difference to your admissions chances.

How strict are the application deadlines?

Our deadlines are non-negotiable. Applications must be completed and submitted by midnight (Indian Standard Time) to be included in the ongoing round. A complete application includes the online form, all supporting documents, references, essays and payment of the application fees.

Can you give me more details about the MUBAAT examination?

The Masters’ Union Business Administration Admissions Test, is an examination designed along the similar lines of any other management entrance examination. We evaluate your analytical and verbal skills along with your business acumen through a caselet analysis.

We’d encourage you to prepare by brushing up on key mathematical concepts, along with trusting your robust reading habit! Applicants should be familiar with reading and analyzing acclaimed literature, editorials and opinion pieces.

The MUBAAT will be conducted 7 days after the completion of the admission deadline.

How should I approach the essay section?

The essay section in your application section requires careful consideration and thought. We’re looking for clarity, conciseness and cohesion in your arguments as well as in the structure of your essay. Most importantly, we encourage you to bring out your most authentic self through these essays to give us the best understanding of your thought process, critical thinking and communication skills.