PGP Rise

₹3Cr Career-Reset Scholarship Fund

We, at Masters’ Union, believe that financial constraints should not pose any hindrance to someone’s aspirations. This fund aims to ensure that working professionals get the support they need to reset their careers.

Designed for professionals with 5+ years of experience

Merit, Need, and Category-specific Scholarships

Facilitating meaningful Professional Development

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Investing in Your Future

We’re offering scholarships for applicants with exceptional profiles that fall in any one of the following categories.

Pgp Rise Scholarship
1. Manoj Kohli Merit-Based Scholarship

The Manoj Kohli Merit-based Scholarship extends financial support to candidates with exceptional academic records and professional accomplishments. These scholarships are offered as partial waivers of the tuition fee, as decided by the admissions committee.

Eligibility: Exceptional academic record, and professional accomplishments.

2. Mihir Mankad’s Need-Based Scholarship

The Mihir Mankad Scholarship Fund is dedicated to empowering professionals facing financial barriers to higher education. This type of scholarship will require you to submit income proofs and any other documentation as deemed necessary by the selection panel.

Eligibility: Professionals with low income but a high drive for growth.

Chairmans Diversity Scholarship
3. Malavika Harita’s Scholarship for Women

Malavika Harita’s Scholarship for Women extends support to deserving female candidates with impressive academic and/or professional track records, along with the drive and potential to emerge as an industry leader.

Eligibility: Exceptional women candidates with significant achievements across domains.

4. Chairman’s Diversity Scholarship

The Chairman’s Diversity Scholarship aims at the inclusion of exceptional candidates from marginalised and underserved communities from the Indian subcontinent, such as the Northeast, Ladakh, Bhutan, and the tribal belts of the Indian hinterland.

Eligibility: Candidates from tribal communities within India, as well as mountain pockets like Ladakh, the Northeast, Nepal and Bhutan.

Founders Bursary for Entrepreneurs
5. Founders’ Bursary for Entrepreneurs

The Founders’ Bursary for Entrepreneurs funds candidates who have had entrepreneurial experience, with varying levels of success, and wish to gain more skills and academic perspectives to carry on with their line of work.

Eligibility: The candidate must have entrepreneurial experience for over a year.

6. P. Dwarakanath India-Bound Scholarship

The P. Dwarakanath India-Bound Scholarship is directed at Indian-origin candidates (i.e. PIO card-holders) who wish to engage with the Indian corporate sector, as well as Indian professionals currently based abroad, who wish to return to India in pursuit of a world-class education, that may help catapult their careers to newer heights.

Eligibility: PIO cardholders and Indian citizens studying or working abroad.

Edward Rogers Change Agent Scholarship
7. Edward Rogers Change-Agent Scholarship

This scholarship aims to identify community-minded and socially responsible individuals who have displayed an exceptional sense of service to society through a cause of their choice.

Eligibility: The candidate must be able to showcase their social impact in quantifiable terms.

All scholarships offered have a defined eligibility criteria and candidates will be assessed through the scholarship criterion and essays. All final decisions will be taken by the Admissions Committee and stand unchanged.

Edward Rogers Change Agent Scholarship

About PGP Rise

PGP Rise by Masters’ Union is a 12-month career reset programme designed for working professionals with 5+ years of experience planning to upskill, transition to a new domain or start their own venture.

Top Recruiters include Bain, Citi, CISCO, Aditya Birla, Talabat, Google

Global Immersion at Universities like INSEAD & Leading Companies

Weekend Programme with 1:1 Coaching from 200+ CXOs

About PGP Rise Apply Now
About PGP Rise

Experiential Learning Modules

At Masters’ Union, we believe in learning by doing. These experiential learning modules will help develop your personal toolkit in solving complex problems and working collaboratively while building domain knowledge.

Go Beyond Borders

Carefully Crafted experiences designed to help you widen your perspective and gain insights into the International Business Landscape.

Academic Immersion: Programmes in collaboration with Prestigious Universities with Modules like Leadership, Innovation & Business Strategy

Business Immersion: Gain firsthand insights into the global business practices of companies like Uber, AWS, and IKEA.

Cultural Learning: Experience a blend of different cultures with tours to Amsterdam, Paris & Italy

VIP Demo Day

Develop and deploy an early-stage startup you work on throughout the programme and present it to the jury on Demo Day. 10% of the students from 1st Cohort of PGP TBM went on to work full-time on their startups, with 3 of them raising angel investments.

Venture Initiation Programme

Dropshipping Challenge

Run a real ecommerce business and make real revenue within your groups. At Masters' Union, we aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the creation of sustainable ventures

Learn all the moving parts of the P&L

Get hands-on practice of leading departments/verticals

Acquire experience in customer acquisition & marketing strategies

Startup Weekend

Bridge gaps, share ideas & develop your best prototypes with your peers in under 48 hours.

Themes of Startup Weekend include:

Dropshipping Startup Weekend

Creator Challenge

Learn the trade of the Creator Economy and become a savvy marketing leader of the future by running your own channel on Youtube or build a presence on Instagram.

Get an insight into Influencer Economy

Build your own Networking Channel

Create a new Income Stream

Creater Challenge

Lifelong Forum Membership

Enjoy the perks of being associated with Masters’ Union lifelong with limitless access to:

MasterCamp programmes across domains like Marketing, Creatorpreneur, UX Design & more

A digital library packed with a treasure trove of knowledge in MU Vault through books & resources

Networking opportunities with exclusive access to Masters’ Union events & workshops

Lifelong Forum Membership