Third Block Community

Web3 Community by Masters' Union for the world.


The Third Block Community (TBC) is a new web3 tech-oriented community to encourage and support blockchain technology enthusiasts.

Blockchain is bringing about an inevitable change in the way we look at technology, security, and business. It’s truly connecting people and creating an ecosystem of decentralized governance, giving people the power to make their own decisions. This is a clear disruption of the existing centralized ecosystem of governance, and the Masters’ Union was built on pillars of disruption and innovation. We truly believe in the power of blockchain technology and the ideology behind it.

Blockchain has seen almost a decade of life, and it has constructively destroyed the existing norms of everything that we do. It’s about time both of these destructive forces come together to challenge and change the traditional systems. We aim to empower the community to explore the power of blockchain to innovate and implement business use cases.

The Logic of Third

Cohort 23 is the third child of Masters Union School of Business, and there can’t be a better time to kickstart a community for Web3.

ThirdBlockCommunity draws the parallelism between the third cohort and the third generation of the web. The Third Block signifies the third generation in the chain of MUSB.


To create a decentralised autonomous organization of TBC to facilitate social and community development projects in a web 3.0 world via a distributed governance model.


TBC in its first years aims to create a strong in-house community by the end of December 2022 and will be launched pan India in 2023. The third cohort of MUSB will be the driving force for TBC to create a community on the pillars of education, credibility, and growth (ECG).

Third Block Community

Pillars of Mission


Everyone should be able to understand the core technology that goes behind the changing the world. Masters Union fellows should lead the way to this change.


Integrate the blockchain knowledge in business. Harness the power of good tech & business minds to do credible work. Implement for the greater good.


Power of knowledge is worth sharing. Extend the knowledge and work to wider community, education and empower people of community to build

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