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Unlock Global Perspectives:

Masters' Union- Global Immersion Program

Forge Connections: Expand your network by immersing yourself in world-renowned business schools.

Cultivate Excellence: Enhance your skills through diverse learning environments and methodologies.

Elevate Your Profile: Gain a competitive edge with an international perspective on business and leadership.

PGP Rise Roles
PGP Rise Roles

About the Immersion

Embark on a transformative journey with Masters Union's Global Immersion Program. By joining these programs, students unlock numerous benefits. By participating in one of these programs, students open doors to a myriad of benefits:

Exposure to diverse cultures, business settings, and teaching methods widens perspectives, promoting adaptability and resilience.

Personal growth and global networking. Collaboration opportunity with top-tier faculty and industry experts.

Engagement opportunity in cross-cultural teamwork, and insights that transcend borders.

Joining forces with these international institutes is a strategic move to provide our students with an immersive educational experience. These collaborations leverage the strengths of all participating institutions, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Partner Universities

Selection Criteria

Enrollment in the PGP TBM program qualifies students for participation in the Masters’ Union Global Immersion Program.

Selection is based on academic performance and demonstrated active involvement in Masters’ Union's culture.

Our partner universities may also have additional selection criteria which will be shared with the cohort


The Global Immersion Programs will last for 1-2 weeks, depending on the partner university. More information will be shared with the participating cohort post-admission results. 

*Please note that each year we may choose 1-2 out of our partner universities. We also keep adding new partners every year