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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a typical day of a Masters' Union student?

How will I be graded at Masters' Union?

The final grades for most courses will be determined by a mix of class participation, quizzes, simulations, group assignments, projects and exams. Masters' Union grades the exams on a Standard Normal Curve, also called a Z-Curve, with a mean of 3.0. There are no forced-to-fails. To graduate, participants must maintain a mean grade of 2.1 in both the core and electives courses.

What are the benefits of the one-year format?

The PGP-TBM at Masters’ Union, with its unique 16-month format, encapsulates the best global practices in management education through an accelerated pedagogical approach. Designed to be a fast-paced academic experience, it includes 12 Months of rigorous academic training in core areas and industry concentrations with a three-month period of internship and industry immersion, with opportunities to network and seek mentorship. Being in this state of constant engagement gives an opportunity for you to learn how to set priorities and make choices about learning, socialising and personal time from the very beginning of the programme, making you an expert at decision-making, which is one of the most valued qualities in a business leader.

Can I tailor my Masters' Union PGP TBM?

Masters' Union offers more than 87 electives, giving you the chance to construct a tailor-made PGP programme that fits your personal and career goals. We have new-age, core and industry concentrations. You are free to pursue a generalist path towards management or specialise in particular areas by choosing industry concentrations. However, regardless of the path you decide to take during your elective terms, everybody graduates with the same PGP TBM certificate with an opportunity to choose industry concentrations.

Will Masters' Union disclose my grades?

No. Masters' Union adheres to a strict non-disclosure policy. Your grades will never be shared with recruiters, classmates, or anyone outside of the Union's community. During on-campus interviews, recruiters are not permitted to ask about your grades, and you are not permitted to volunteer them either. This policy allows you the freedom to challenge yourself and enhance the breadth of your knowledge by picking electives in unfamiliar subject areas without worrying about the grades impacting your job prospects.


How many years of work experience do I need to be admitted?

Is there an age limit for entry?

There is no age limit for entry. However, the programme is most suitable for those who are at an early stage in their career with an experience range of zero to five years. If you have more work experience, we encourage you to get in touch with the admissions team for consultation with one of our Masters, who will evaluate your profile and advise you accordingly.

What is the typical student's profile at Masters' Union?

There is no typical profile at the Union. We have an extremely diverse student body in terms of age, professional experience, education and culture.

What's the minimum qualifying GPA?

Can I defer admission?

In the large majority of cases, no. You should apply for the intake in which you intend to enrol. In truly exceptional circumstances, the Admissions Committee may grant a deferral. All requests should be made in writing and will be reviewed on a case -to- case basis.

Are any of the rounds more or less competitive than others?

Each round is equally competitive as the ratio of acceptance is the same for all rounds. When choosing which round to apply in, the most important consideration is to dedicate enough time and thought to your application so that it accurately represents your strengths and talents. However, we encourage you to apply in Round 1 if scholarships are a priority.

What is your hostel fee refund policy?

In the case that there is a reduction in your hostel occupancy period by more than a month, due to late commencement of the programme, a refund will be made on a pro rata basis at the end of the programme. However, a refund will not be applicable if the programme is extended beyond November 2021 to compensate for a late start, since the net occupancy period will remain the same in that case.

No refund shall be made if you choose to spend your 3-month industry interface module outside Gurugram, since the hostel charges correspond to your holding the property for a continued period of 16 months. A pro rata refund can be made only for the laundry and catering charges (in case it has been paid for upfront) if you choose to pursue your industry interface module outside Gurugram.

No refund shall be made in case a student is made to evacuate the hostel on disciplinary grounds.

Can I defer my admission offer from Masters' Union to the next year?

Currently, we are not offering the option to defer the admission offer. Those who cannot join the programme in the current year are advised to apply again for the next year.

I have very little (or no) work experience. How will that impact my placement prospects at Masters' Union?

As a candidate with less than 2 years of experience, you will not compete for jobs with senior folks. Companies offer jobs relevant to different experience bands, and you, at best, compete in a narrow experience band of, say, 0-2 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5-8 yrs, 8+ years and so on. An organisation may offer different roles based on your skills and past experience.

I don't have a business background. Will this impact my chances for admission?

We value diversity at every level. We welcome applications from people with a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, including the arts, law, medicine, military, non-profit, etc. As with all candidates, we will be looking for you to demonstrate your potential as a leader, and we will consider your professional experience and past performance when assessing your application.

I don't have an undergraduate degree. Can I still be considered for admission?

Yes. While the vast majority of our participants have undergraduate and/or advanced degrees, this is not compulsory for admission. Candidates who do not hold an undergraduate degree, but who have an excellent career record and GMAT score are also welcome to apply.

If my application has been unsuccessful, may I reapply in the next round?

Unsuccessful applicants may reapply for the next intake. Please exercise your own judgement in deciding if you have any significant changes in your new profile since your first application which will make a difference with the Admissions Committee. All re-applicants are requested to submit a new online application unless otherwise indicated.

How strict are the application deadlines?

To be included in a specific round, applications must be completed and submitted by midnight IST on the day of the deadline. A complete application includes the online form, valid test scores, English test scores (if applicable), all supporting documents, references, essays and payment of the application fees. For more details please visit Supporting Documentation, under Application Checklist.

Masters’ Union Refund Policy

The following refund policy will be applicable to the programme fee:

The admission fee, also referred to as the token fee, is non-refundable.

Pre-commencement - In case a student has to withdraw from the programme before the commencement, for either academic, personal, or administrative reasons, only 50% of the tuition and hostel fee will be refunded. 100% of the lifelong union membership fee in addition to food and laundry fee will be refunded.

Post commencement - In case a student has to withdraw from the programme, for either academic, personal, or administrative reasons, only 50% of the tuition and accommodation fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, along with 100% of the lifelong union membership fee.

A pro-rata refund will be proportional to the number of terms spent by the student at the programme before opting to drop out. To illustrate, if the tuition fee amount payable for a candidate for our 8-term PGP-TBM were INR 8 Lakh, and a student chose to drop out in the fourth term, s/he will be eligible for a refund of INR 2 lakh. The food, and laundry will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

No refund shall be made in case a student is expelled from the programme on disciplinary grounds.


How can I check if my online application has been received?

Can I print out the PDF version of the application and send in a hard copy, rather than submitting it online?

We only accept applications submitted electronically. This allows us to process your application more quickly. It also allows you to stay informed of the status of your application throughout the process by checking it online.

Can I postpone my application submission to the next round?

If you choose to delay the submission of your application until the following round of the same intake, your application form details will be saved automatically.

What should I do if I experience technical problems while submitting my application?

The Admissions Team is always available to guide and advise you at various stages of the application process. You can contact us either by submitting a query via the application dashboard or emailing it to admissions@mastersunion.org . Your dedicated admissions counsellor is also a call or message away for any support you might require.

Will you provide feedback on an unsuccessful application?

Due to the large number of applications we receive for each intake and the confidentiality of the deliberations of the Admissions Committee, we are unable to provide individual detailed feedback on rejected applications.

Interview and Decision

Is an interview required for admission?

I was selected for an interview. When will I hear if my application has been successful?

You will be informed of your final decision approximately a week after your interview.

When will I hear if I have been selected for an interview?

You will be informed if you have been selected for an interview within 15 days of receiving acknowledgement of completed application. We follow a rolling process of admissions.

How will my admissions decision be communicated?

You will be advised by e-mail of your final admissions decision.

Financing and Scholarships

What is the fee payment schedule?

What Masters' Union scholarships are available to me?

Scholarships are granted according to various criteria depending on the sources. All the scholarships offered by us, across the eight categories, are 'Merit-based'. To view their detailed descriptions and eligibility criteria, please visit the scholarships section under our admissions page.

What are the deadlines for scholarship applications?

When will I be informed of the scholarship decision?

Scholarship decisions are announced along with admissions decisions.

What sources of funding are available to me?

Each year, Masters' Union awards scholarships to participants. For the inaugural cohort, the Masters are offering 60 full scholarships. In addition, we encourage you to explore all sources of financing which may be available to you. There are a variety of international and national scholarship programmes, as well as attractive loans available through external sources. For more details, visit our External Funding section on the admissions page.

When may I begin to apply for Masters' Union scholarships?

You can select your preferred scholarship categories and upload the accompanying essays as relevant while filling up the application form. Awards will depend on the overall quality of the application and the student profile. The number of scholarships available tends to decrease as the initial offers are made. So, if they are of high priority, you should apply in Round 1.

Can I be awarded more than one Masters' Union scholarship?

How can I track the status of my scholarship application?

Throughout the period that the online scholarship application is open, you can modify or withdraw your scholarship applications as you please. In addition, you can track the status of your application with the help of your personal link on the application dashboard.

Career Development

How can I find out which companies recruit at Masters' Union?

How easily can I make a career change after Masters' Union?

Naturally, some career changes can be made more easily than others and are influenced by previous professional experiences, knowledge of the market, languages, etc. For those who are interested in making a career switch to banking specifically, it is recommended that you secure a summer internship with a financial institution or investment bank. For other sector or functional moves, graduates need to identify these career goals early on and work in conjunction with The Career Development staff to prepare for these transitions.

Can I do a pre-PGP internship?

What types of salary and benefits packages are typically offered to graduates?

Salary and benefits packages vary widely across industries, companies and regions.

What are my chances of securing a job outside of my home country?

Some recruiters see an intrinsic value in hiring international graduates and are used to securing work permits for employees. For other recruiters, it depends on whether the skills you have are in demand in that specific geography (language abilities, experience in certain markets, etc.) to justify the extra burden of obtaining working papers. The delay in obtaining a work visa can vary considerably and is impacted by both the applicant’s own nationality and the country in which the applicant wishes to work. There are some countries for which working papers may be more easily obtained for Masters' Union graduates.

Is it worth approaching recruiting companies before starting the PGP programme?

Become a Master

Who is a Master?

I want to be involved with the Masters' Union but do not wish to teach. What are my options?

You can get involved with Masters’ Union in one or more of the following ways:

The CXO Shadow Program: As a CXO, one or two students get the unique opportunity to shadow you at your work environment, over a stretch of time, and observe what being an industry leader entails on a daily basis. The student(s) get to experience firsthand how the industry leadership makes critical business decisions and works towards realising the visions of their respective organizations.

Master Mentor: As a Master Mentor, you can stay engaged with a group(s) of students through a range of activities that enhance their educational experience, including but not limited to conducting masterclasses and storytelling sessions, sharing personal industry experience, providing professional guidance, knowledge, advice, career opportunities and resources to achieve specific goals underlying the student-mentor relationships at Masters’ Union.

Research Mentor at our Research Centers: As a Research Mentor at one of our state-of-the-art research centers, you mentor the young researchers and students of the Union to conduct cutting-edge research, while also identifying and crafting novel business applications using the research findings that emerge from them. Research Mentors also help students and researchers find solutions to real world business problems as they exist today, alongside suggesting creative ideas in the existing areas of management research. To know more about our Research Centers, kindly visit: Research

Entrepreneur in Residence at the Startup School: As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at our incubator, uniquely designed to facilitate new ventures from ideation all the way to fundraising, you guide a group(s) of students to develop, launch or scale successful entrepreneurial ideas and businesses, and provide immediate access to practical, real-world experience and perspectives. This is typically done through student interactions, masterclasses, brainstorming sessions, hands-on workshops, facilitating industry connections, fundraising activities, and several other ways. The broad idea is to sharpen and promote the entrepreneurial ideas and skills of the Masters’ Union students.

Is this a full-time commitment?

No, the role of a Master is not a full time commitment, and should not be considered full-time employment for any tax-related or legal purpose.

Can I design my own course/module? Will I be provided a teaching/research assistant to support my work?

Yes. You can design your own course/module in consultation/ coordination with the concerned team at Masters' Union, as per the programme needs and design.

Yes, you shall be provided a full-time or part-time postgraduate teaching/research assistant who will help you craft and deliver the course.

Can I keep my regular job while engaging as a Master?

Yes, you can keep your regular job while engaging as a Master. Your engagement with the Masters’ Union does not withhold you from engaging, directly or indirectly, in any other service or in any trade, business, vocation or occupation either honorary or on remuneration.

What about travel, accommodation and other logistical expenses incurred during the process for the successful execution of the role?

All travel, stay and logistics required for the purpose of fulfillment of the role of a Master shall be arranged by or at the expense of Masters’ Union, as per its policy.

What is the number of students I can expect in a class?

You can expect a class size of upto 60 students.

Is the Masters' Union affiliated to a university or UGC approved?

No, Masters’ Union is not affiliated to any university and does not require UGC approval. Masters’ Union is a completely independent education initiative run by its Founder Masters, and does not grant a degree or diploma, but a PGP-TBM certificate.

What are the responsibilities of a Master?

A Master imparts knowledge and learning to the students at Masters’ Union, drawing from their rich and diverse leadership experience, in order to prepare effective business professionals and entrepreneurs for the workplace of the future.

A Master engages with the students by either teaching a credit course(s), anchoring sector specific module(s) in their domain of expertise (as per the programme design) or providing year-long mentorship, guidance and career opportunities to the Masters’ Union students. In some cases, a Master may be engaged both as a teacher and a mentor.

At an institutional level, a Master may also choose to enter into strategic partnerships with the Masters' Union, in an individual capacity or through the company(ies)/organisation(s) they are associated with, in order to co-create a superior learning experience and open up opportunities for the students.

How does one become a Master?

To apply, please kindly visit: Become a Master. 'You can also write to us at masters@mastersunion.org and we will get in touch with you.

What will be the duration of a course/module? How will the classes be scheduled? Can I deliver the sessions via virtual media as well?

Each course/module at Masters’ Union typically runs anywhere between 5 to 20 Hours over 6-week terms.

Classes can be scheduled as per your convenience during any of the terms, in accordance with the programme design and the academic calendar.

You can deliver certain sessions of your course/module via the virtual medium, but we encourage the Masters to engage with their students in-person as much as possible.

What is the minimum years of work experience required to become a Master? Is there an age barrier for this?

There is no such requirement. Your selection and engagement as a Master is done on a case by case basis and boils down to the depth of your experience and passion for teaching. Please visit the Our Masters page to know more about the Masters who currently contribute to Masters’ Union.

No. There is no age barrier to become a Master.

Is this a paid engagement?

An honorarium will be given for your time as per Masters’ Union’s generous compensation policy.

Can I teach or engage pro bono or can I donate my earnings towards a charity?

Yes! You can choose to teach or engage pro bono. The exact engagement and scheduling will be finalized as per the programme design and needs.

Yes! You can donate your earnings towards a charity.

What benefits can I avail as a Master?

In addition to the eternal satisfaction of being a teacher and mentor to the next generation of business professionals and entrepreneurs, it goes without saying that:

- Our well-resourced campus will be open to you for your own professional use, events, talks, seminars etc.
- You get a chance to interact, collaborate, and work with other Masters from diverse fields in the Masters’ Union family, all of whom are or have been stalwarts in their professional lives
- You as a Master can also enroll in classes and courses led by upto 2 other Masters during an academic year
- Any one member of your immediate family gets an opportunity to study with a significant scholarship at the Masters' Union

Can my agreement be renewed indefinite times?

Of course! If you and the students have a fulfilling experience, we would love to have you continue to teach and engage with the future batches as well.