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  • Duration
    16 Months
  • Location
  • Format
    Full Time
  • Commencement Date
    May 2022
What is the Mini NFT Bootcamp?

From features in digital art galleries to people spending billions in cryptocurrencies to purchase them - Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs have been the subject of wild hype lately.

Our 3-session series on NFTs aims to provide an introduction to this category of digital assets & teach you to mint & monetize your own NFTs on Ethereum. As part of this mini bootcamp, you'll get to:

  • Set up your digital wallet

  • Connect the wallet to an NFT platform

  • Upload your digital art & then mint an NFT

As a souvenir, by the end of the three sessions, we’ll also be sending an NFT directly to your wallet!

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Bootcamp Journey
  • 24th June - Session 1

    NFTs 101

    Learn different use cases of NFTs, their future & environment setup on Ethereum

  • 27th June - Session 2

    Mint your own NFTs

    Setting up your wallet using MetaMask and minting your NFT

  • 29th June - Session 3

    How to Monetize your NFTs?

    Listing & managing a marketable NFT

Meet your Master

Meet your Master

An entrepreneur, blockchain speaker & crypto analyst, Jason Fernandes is currently the Chief Business Officer of NFT Tech. With over 25 years of experience as a founder, mentor & advisor, Jason is now lending his knowledge as a master at the Pro Blockchain Developer MasterCamp

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By the end of the mini Bootcamp, you will be able to:
  • Set up your own crypto wallet

  • Connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace

  • Mint & possibly monetize your own NFTs

  • Judge the usefulness of NFTs – and especially the ones you’ve minted yourself

  • You have a willingness to learn more about the Blockchain & NFT space

  • You have a working laptop with Chrome installed on it

About the Pro Blockchain Developer MasterCamp

For working professionals & final year B.Tech students familiar with basic Javascript and OOPS concepts looking to transition to roles in Blockchain Development across industries like DeFi, Crypto, IoT, HealthTech etc. This is a fully hands-on & placement targeted programme taught by experienced professionals in the Blockchain space.

  • Learn Major Use Cases of Smart Contracts and Blockchains

  • Develop Decentralized Apps on Ethereum & Hyperledger

  • Crack Blockchain Developer Interviews at Global Companies

  • Develop a Strong Blockchain Portfolio along with your Peers

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